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Our laboratory is jointly supported by the Endocrine and Nephrology Divisions of the Department of Medicine. Our studies on metabolism and renal disease extend naturally from this collaboration and span epidemiologic, physiologic, and experimental approaches, with an emphasis on liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. Current projects include: 1.) discovery of metabolite predictors of incident Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), CKD progression, and cardiovascular outcomes in well-characterized clinical cohorts, 2.) characterization of novel renal metabolic functions using samples acquired with invasive catheterization, and 3.) animal and cell-based studies to test the functional effects of select metabolites and metabolic pathways. We are interested both in metabolites that are important locally for maintaining kidney cell health as well as metabolites that may have a systemic role in metabolism, e.g. in phosphate homeostasis.


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