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About the Clinic

The team at the Massachusetts General Hospital Eating Disorders Collaborative Care Clinic provides expert, specialized medical care for adolescents and adults with eating disorders. We believe that all patients deserve personalized, compassionate medical care from clinicians that specialize in disordered eating. We customize your care plan to meet your goals for your care, recovery, and well-being.

Our Services

We support a multidisciplinary, team approach to eating disorder treatment.

At the clinic, we offer patients:

  • Assessments of their overall health and condition
  • Evaluation of medical complications from eating disorders
  • Continued monitoring of medical stability and progress in recovery
  • Assistance with referrals for hospitalization or higher levels of care if indicated
  • Referrals to other outpatient clinicians, such as mental health and nutrition services, either within Mass General or at other institutions
  • Evaluations for other types of care, including referrals to the MGH Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program for evidence-based mental health treatments and related research studies
  • Ongoing follow-up and collaboration with other members of your care team, including therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists and primary care physicians

All patients in the Eating Disorder Collaborative Care Clinic must have a separate primary care physician. Our team only provides outpatient medical care at this time. We do not provide therapy or psychiatric evaluations. We are glad to collaborate with your existing care team members and/or help provide referrals to new team members.

What to Expect as a Patient

New Patient Visits

As a new patient, you will first meet with our team for a 60-minute appointment to review your history and goals. You can meet with them either virtually or in-person, depending on your preference. The next step will be an in-person visit for our team to measure your vitals (weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse), conduct a physical exam, and order additional studies, if needed.

With your permission, we will communicate with your existing team members (if applicable), and we will make recommendations regarding next steps in treatment.

Communicating With Us

Appointments, Referrals, and General Inquiries:

Please call our team at 617-585-7471. If our team is unavailable, the phone will connect to the MGH Back Bay Health Center (617-267-7171). Please introduce yourself as a patient of the Eating Disorders Collaborative Care Clinic and they will take a message. 

Non-Urgent Requests:

For established patients, please use Patient Gateway for all non-urgent requests, including for prescription refill requests, scheduling requests, and non-urgent medical questions. While we try to respond to all messages quickly, please allow up to three business days to receive a response from our team. Please do not use Patient Gateway for urgent medical concerns.  

Outside of Business Hours:

Please contact your primary care physician for urgent health questions or concerns that come up outside of normal business hours. If the issue is directly related to your care in the Eating Disorder Collaborative Care Clinic, please call 617-585-7471 and our phone will be connected to an after-hours answering service.

Our Team

  • Diana Lemly, MD, medical director
  • Leah Wilson, NP 
  • Joanne Matthews, program coordinator and medical assistant  
  • Irma Gomez, practice manager 
  • Lisa Brugnoli-Semeta, RN, nurse manager