About Yuchiao Chang, PhD

Yuchiao Chang, PhD, Mass General Tobacco Research Treatment Center

Yuchiao Chang, PhD


Dr. Chang is a statistician based in the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of General Internal Medicine. As part of this role, Dr. Chang provides biostatistical support for a number of TRTC projects. Additionally, she has collaborated on various grants with investigators from many different specialties. Dr. Chang also supports the research efforts in the Mongan Institute and is involved in many hospital operations improvement projects.

Dr. Chang participated in the Mass General Clinical Research Program from 1997 to 2001. Through this activity, she provided statistical consultation to the entire Mass General community. Over the years, Dr. Chang has provided extensive formal and informal teaching to her clinical colleagues to improve their understanding of statistical science. A great extent of her effort involves educating fellows about design and analysis issues in their research projects.

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