Dr. Klawiter and a patient during a neurological exam

If you are interested in a clinical consultation with us, we strongly recommend that you first receive a referral from your primary care physician or neurologist. A referral letter outlining your issues allows us to make your first visit as productive as possible. Once we have taken these steps, we typically partner with your primary care physician or neurologist to manage your continuing care. If you should encounter any setbacks, we work with the referring physician to make necessary adjustments in your treatment.

Please bring a digital copy on a CD of brain and spinal cord MRI images you have had completed in the past.

Your First Visit

At your appointment, one of our neurologists will review your medical and family history. He or she also will complete a thorough neurologic and physical examination. When the evaluation is complete, you and the physician will discuss recommendations, and agree on a suitable treatment regimen based on your current symptoms. We customize each patient's treatment plan, and make adjustments over time as necessary, to optimize symptom management.

Follow Up Visits

During these visits, which may be briefer than your initial appointment, we will follow up on any new symptoms, any side effects from your current treatment and evaluate how you are responding to your treatment regimen. We will monitor your treatment response with MRI and may review these at your visit. We will determine a plan for your continued care moving forward.

Other Care Providers

We work collaboratively with a wide range of care providers throughout Mass General Brigham including medical imaging, physical and occupational therapists, neuro-ophthalmologists, urologists, social workers, and psychologists, depending on a patient’s individual needs.