Dr. Kistler laughing
The Center is named for Dr. J. P. Kistler, Director of the Stroke Service from 1978 – 2004

The MGH J. Philip Kistler (JPK) Stroke Research Center is one of the largest and most prolific stroke and neurocritical care research centers in the country. Receiving funding from both government and industry sponsors, the JPK Stroke Research Center successfully facilitates some of the most complex and innovative research protocols within stroke and neurocritical patient populations, enabling high-quality investigation of novel treatment options and complex disease groups.

Lead by MGH Stroke physician scientists, the JPK Stroke Research Center portfolio includes Investigator and Sponsor-initiated interventional and observational research including:

  • Drug, device and procedural clinical trials
  • Novel imaging and longitudinal studies
  • Biomarker and genetic studies including the MGH Biorepository for Neurological Injury

The Center also serves as a Coordinating Center and Performance Hub for multiple neurology-focused research networks and projects.

Staff at the JPK Research Center is comprised of over 40 professionals with diverse training credentials and experience in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, statistics, data science, computational and mechanical engineering, bioinformatics, public health and business administration. Program activities are supported by the Center’s exceptionally strong operational infrastructure, including a robust clinical research training and education program, center-wide Standard Operating Procedures, customizable data management systems and an internal audit program ensuring program and trial compliance with industry and institutional standards. The JPK Center operates a dedicated on-call research team enabling enrollment of hyper-acute stroke and neurocritical care patients into intensive clinical research protocols 24/7 and the Center consistently ranks among the highest enrolling sites studywide in for trial designs of all types.

Research Partners

We provide core administrative, coordination and operational services for several networks, consortiums and multi-center studies. Our ongoing partnerships with multidisciplinary collaborators power our ability to design, execute and publish cutting-edge research and advance the understanding of stroke and related diseases.