“When I see patients, I always try to remember that I am treating people, not MRI scans, lab values or statistics. I try to always consider the patient’s concerns as the most important aspect of their care. This requires taking the time to listen to a patient, examining them and then thoroughly reviewing the clinical data. I then try to explain my thoughts and findings in a way that is understandable. Patients have the right to know all the information that is available to me, and ideally, all patient should leave my office with their questions answered to the best of my ability,” says Chwalisz.  

Patient Testimonial

"Thank you for relaying referrals to help my daughter with her chronic migraines. The appointments with Drs. Hsinlin Cheng and Bart Chwalisz produced significant new approaches to provide her some relief.

Dr. Cheng found something that had been missed in prior readings on the MRIs - that may be triggering a contact point headache. When we returned home we got a a referral to an ENT physician who applied anesthetic to the inside of her nose. As he and Dr. Chwalisz hypothesized, she got some relief. It wasn't instant, turn-off-a-light-switch relief, but the pain around her eyes that kept her awake the night before faded. Dr. Chwalisz also suggested glasses that are literally rose-colored to diminish her light sensitivity and improve her ability to read when she is feeling badly. The glasses have been ordered and she is looking forward to putting them to use.

As I walked into White lobby last Thursday my mind went to the first time I stepped inside as a 16 year old. Back then it looked like a threadbare Greyhound station. As a kid unexcited by the prospect of being uprooted from my hometown, I was unimpressed despite my parents' contention that the hospital represented the cutting edge of medicine. In the 36 years since that day the institution has proved my parents correct time and again - including last Thursday when it took care of my daughter."