The Collaborative Center for X-linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism (XDP) at Massachusetts General Hospital is conceived as a “center without walls,” that encourages collaboration among international institutions.


The Collaborative Center for XDP) at Massachusetts General Hospital has partnered with members of the Movement Disorder Society of the Philippines (MDSP), and has developed strong affiliations with other research institutions.

We consider teamwork to be the key to advancing XDP research and improving the lives of XDP patients. Our collaborations with MDSP members are particularly important given their extensive experience and clinical perspective. Our team also includes accomplished researchers from Mass General and around the world who share the goal of more effective treatments, and ultimately, a cure for XDP.

Institutional Collaborations

The Center for XDP works with a variety of institutions and non-profit organizations who bring valuable expertise to XDP research:

Education & Training Programs

We work to cultivate the next generation of XDP research leaders with undergraduate research education, postdoctoral research fellowships and clinical research fellowships. Learn about our fellows and students.