About Deborah Washington, RN, PhD

Deborah Washington, RN, PhD, has been Director of Diversity for Nursing & Patient Care Services at Massachusetts General Hospital since 1995. She is also the national co-chair of the Future of Nursing State Action Coalitions Diversity Steering Committee, and serves on several diversity advisory committees for schools of nursing, for both baccalaureate and associate degrees.

Dr. Washington has co-authored papers, book chapters and produced two videos on the topics of the cultural positives of being a minority nurse, mentoring, and providing clinical practice that is culturally competent. Her dissertation focused on the impact of race and ethnicity on clinical decision-making.

As chair of the Diversity Committee for the National Black Nurses’ Association, Dr. Washington is currently working on a handbook that describes culture based tactics and strategies for the professional success of the African American nursing student.

Additionally, Dr. Washington volunteers her time to serve on the Executive Council of AARP Massachusetts.

Dr. Washington earned her BSN from the Boston University School of Nursing, and her Masters in Adult Mental Health and PhD from Boston College.