About Michael Sullivan, PT, DPT, MBA

Michael Sullivan, PT, DPT, MBA, has been director of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital since 1997. Dr. Sullivan joined Mass General as the Assistant Director for ambulatory physical therapy practices in 1990 following a 12-year career at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where he held several clinical and administrative roles.

Currently, Dr. Sullivan provides leadership and direction for all physical therapy and occupational therapy services provided at Mass General. Under this leadership, the department has continued to expand its training program for professional and post-professional students including residency training and inter-professional education of nursing, speech and language, physical and occupational therapists.

Dr. Sullivan’s current interests involve health policy, organizational change, care delivery and evolving how physical and occupational therapy are provided in evolving health care environment.

Dr. Sullivan earned his BS in Physical Therapy from Boston University, his MBA from Suffolk University and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Mass General Institute of Health Professions.