Our labor and delivery visitor policy has been updated:

  • Labor and delivery: In addition to a birth partner, one visitor (over 18) can accompany you throughout your labor and delivery experience
  • Postpartum stay after childbirth: Your birth partner can stay in the hospital with you until discharge; one additional visitor (over 18) is welcome during hospital visiting hours (1pm – 8pm)
  • No known infection or symptoms of COVID-19: Birth partners and visitors to the Labor and Delivery and Postpartum hospital units are welcome as long as they do not have a known infection or symptoms of COVID 19
  • Behavior While Visiting: Birth partners and visitors must remain with you (e.g., in inpatient room, exam room, or in waiting room with patient) or with their Mass General host for the entirety of their visit or they will be asked to leave and wait outside. They are permitted brief visits to the cafeteria or gift shop at the discretion of local leadership

While the hospital visitor policy has changed, the restrictions to visitors in our outpatient centers remains in place. Based on recommendations from the hospital and infection control experts, visitors, including birth partners, are not allowed to come to outpatient/ambulatory prenatal, ultrasound and postpartum outpatient visits. In addition, we remind you that children are also not allowed, with the exception of newborns when there is no better alternative.

We understand that these changing visitor policies can be confusing and we recognize the difficulties this may cause but we feel that is an important and necessary step to protect the health and well-being of you, your family and all of our patients and staff.

Finally, we want to emphasize that even during these challenging times, it is still important that you get the pregnancy care you need. At both the main campus and all our satellites, we have taken many steps to keep you safe, including additional screening, cleaning and protective measures. Anyone who is at the clinic or the hospital – patients, visitors, and staff – is screened for symptoms of COVID-19, provided a hospital issued mask to wear while they are here and asked to comply with recommendations to reduce the risk of infection (hand washing, distancing and mask wearing).

Please Note

Patient tours of Labor and Delivery and the Newborn Family Units are suspended until further notice. Photographs and a video tour are posted on our website – visit the Giving Birth at Mass General page

Childbirth and parenting classes will be offered virtually and in-person. 



  • Patients may bring a visitor if they require a guardian or someone to assist them with ambulation (walking or wheelchair) and/or medical decision making. 
  • Patients may bring a visitor if they are undergoing an office procedure – please let us know by sending a Patient Gateway message if you require to bring a visitor.  
  • All patients and visitors are required to wear a mask at all time and should be symptom free – no fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, new loss of smell or have had close COVID-19 contacts in the last 2 weeks.