Massachusetts General Hospital primary care patients have access to a range of specialized services.

Concierge Medicine
Concierge Medicine provides personalized preventative and primary care services in a membership-based primary care practice.

Diabetes Clinical Center
The Diabetes Clinical Center treats approximately 9,000 patients each year for diabetes, pre-diabetes and associated disorders.

Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric Medicine provides comprehensive consultation services and office-based primary care to seniors age 65 and older.

The Preventive Genetic Counseling Service
The MGH Preventive Genetic Counseling Service provides accessible, high-quality genetic counseling to patients seeking to learn more about their genetic disease risk.

Prime Care
Prime Care provides services for elders and caregivers including coordination of medical care for elders, home safety, alternate living decisions, guidance on financial, legal and insurance matters, and caregiver support and guidance.

Weight Center
The Weight Center offers a complete range of services to overweight patients, from nutritional, exercise and psychological counseling to state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment of weight disorders.

Women's Health Associates
Women's Health Associates provides comprehensive primary care, internal medicine and routine gynecology services in a comfortable, safe environment.