Patient Education

Patient education resources at the Mass General Department of Radiation Oncology, to help answer your questions.


  • Preparing for your Radiation with a CT Simulation

    Learn what expect and how to prepare for your radiation appointment with a CT simulation.

  • MGH Radiation Oncology Team

    Meet the different members of your care team, including your radiation oncologist, registered nurse, radiation therapist, and more.

  • Who Provides Treatment

    There are many people on your care team who provide your different treatments. Meet the members of your care team, including your radiation oncologist, radiation therapist and registered nurse.

  • MGHfC Proton Therapy Treatment Team

    There are lots of people on the Proton Therapy team who will care for your child. Meet the members of the care team, including the radiation oncologist, social workers, nurses and child life specialist.

  • A Proton Therapy Story

    Watch Tommy McGraw's story, who was treated with Proton Therapy here at Mass General.

  • About Radiation Therapy Treatment at MGH

    An introduction to the Department of Radiation Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital. An overview of the different processes and procedures to expect in the course of your treatment program. Learn about what radiation is and the different types of radiation used to treat cancer.

  • Tandem and Ovoid Treatment

    Tandem and ovoid treatment is a type of radiation used to treat different cancers that affect the female reproductive system. Learn how to prepare and what to expect before, during and after treatment.

  • Radiation Treatment for Children

    Learn about what radiation is and the different types of radiation used to treat cancer.

Radiation Therapy Guide

Your Guide to Radiation Therapy

This written document describes what you can expect before and during your radiation treatments.

Patient Education Resources

Patient Education Resources

Patients and families have access to this easy to use computer program located in the Radiation Oncology patient waiting area. Programs such as, *Radiation Therapy & You, *Eating Hints, and *Understanding Cancer Pain, are available in English and Spanish, as well as audio modules. Patients and families can access links to NCI information and more!

The Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Program
The Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Program offers a range of support resources around the Cancer Center. The program has an ongoing mission to make support services, as well as respite and community-building areas, more accessible to patients and families throughout the Cancer Center.

Integrative Therapies
The Katherine A. Gallagher Integrative Therapies Program at the Mass General Cancer Center offers educational and support workshops plus wellness services for patients and families. The educational workshops include topics such as chemotherapy, nutrition, spiritual well-being and care planning to help you learn more about treatment, side effects and gain support from others with cancer. The wellness services, such as qigong, yoga and acupuncture, focus on healing the mind and body and can help you cope with symptoms and stress.

RT Answers
The American Society for Radiation Oncology maintains a website with other helpful information for patients. You can find it here.


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Contact Us
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