Mission and Vision

Facing Forward’s mission is to provide medical treatment for patients who have sustained lasting injury as a result of violence by an intimate partner.

Our vision is to empower survivors through access to corrective medical care.

About Facing Forward

Established in 2014, Facing Forward is a service of Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass Eye and Ear in collaboration with HAVEN (Helping Abuse and Violence End Now).

Facing Forward acknowledges the impact trauma and domestic violence can have on a patient’s access and experience of health care. Lasting injuries, scarring and medical complications as a result of abuse can often impede survivors' ability to rebuild and move on with their lives. At Facing Forward, we seek to provide a safe environment for care, responding compassionately and tailoring our care to meet the individual needs of survivors. We strive to enhance survivors’ emotional and physical recovery from their injuries while respecting their dignity and autonomy.

Through our Facing Forward collaboration, doctors from Mass General and Mass. Eye and Ear provide a range of reconstructive procedures including:

  • Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, including scar revisions (from cuts and burns) and rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
  • Medical services and surgery for injuries to the head, neck, ears, nose, mouth, jaw or throat, such as damage to the larynx/voice box, breathing problems, hearing issues, vision problems and eating and chewing issues
  • Dental and orthodontic procedures, including chipped and missing teeth and gum disorders

Applicant Information

Who is eligible to apply to Facing Forward?

Anyone who has lasting injuries as a result of domestic violence may apply to Facing Forward. You do not need to be a patient of Mass General or Mass. Eye and Ear, nor do you need to live in Boston. Applicants are accepted from the Greater Boston area and New England.

How do I apply?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept new applications. Please check back—we will reopen as funding allows.

There are several ways to apply for Facing Forward services. You may contact HAVEN directly at 617-724-0054 to speak with someone for more information. An online application is available for submission that can also be printed and faxed to 617-724-7676, attention HAVEN.

All applications are kept confidential. A HAVEN staff person will contact you to ensure that your application is complete and to answer any preliminary questions. HAVEN will be available to you to assess safety needs and emotional supports as you go through the process. You may also need to meet with Mass General/Mass. Eye and Ear patient financial services and to complete the patient registration process. 

Are there transportation services?

Facing Forward may be able to assist with transportation for medical services in certain circumstances. If you have questions in this regard, a HAVEN staff person can be reached at 617-724-0054.

Will there be any cost to me if I am accepted as a patient of Facing Forward?

As a patient of Facing Forward, you will not be personally responsible for any charges. Some procedure fees may be charged to your insurance if safe and appropriate to do so. All remaining costs for Facing Forward medical and surgical care, hospital stay, medication and any related follow-up appointments will not be charged to you.

When will I be notified if I qualify for Facing Forward?

A member of Facing Forward will contact you within two weeks of the receipt of your application to let you know if you qualify and to set up any initial appointments that may be needed.