About Emil R. Petrusa, PhD

Emil R. Petrusa is a senior educational researcher with over 40 years of experience in health professions education with over 100 peer-reviewed publications. His PhD is in educational psychology. Dr. Petrusa has held national leadership positions as well as an associate dean and director of offices of medical education at Duke and Vanderbilt Schools of Medicine. He has taught in Master’s degree programs at Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical Schools and the MGH Institute for Health Professions. He has been with the MGH Department of Surgery and Learning Lab since 2012. He is a professor at Harvard Medical School. He is an inaugural member of the Peter L. Slavin Academy for Applied Learning in Health Care. His role at MGH is to consult, collaborate and mentor clinician educators, interested in education, to design high quality programs and to conduct research necessary to answer educational questions of interest. Dr. Petrusa enjoys seeing those he mentors grow their educational scholarship and national reputation in health professions education enjoys his collaboration.