Several colorectal surgery providers from the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital attended the 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS). The team engaged in enriching discussions and collaborations relevant to various therapeutic, surgical and administrative colorectal health topics, and actively lent their expertise as speakers, moderators and abstract presenters.

Group photo of colorectal surgeons at ASCRS
Present and past Mass General colorectal surgery providers gather at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.

Our Participation at ASCRS 2022

Award Winners

  • Southern California CRS Society Award for Best Podium Presentation­: Bordeianou et al. Durable Approaches to Recurrent Rectal Prolapse Repair May Require Avoidance of Index Procedure. ASCRS podium presentation.
  • New England CRS Society Award for Best Podium Presentation: Cavallaro & Bordeianou et al. Development and Validation of a Symptom Based Scoring System for Bowel Dysfunction after Ileoanal Pouch Reconstruction for Ulcerative Colitis. ASCRS podium presentation.

Podium Presentations

  • Bordeianou and SRN collaborators. Biologics Before Surgery are Not Associated with Infectious Complications After Surgery for IBD
  • Bordeianou et al. Ventral Rectopexy: Con View. Lecturer in the Leela Prasad Memorial Debates

Meeting Speakers and Leadership

Liliana Bordeianou, MD, MPH

  • Co-director: “For the Pelvic Floor Consortium Consensus Meeting on Rectal Prolapse” meeting

Lieba Savitt, NP

  • Speaker: “The Allied Health Provider Colorectal” symposium

Christy Cauley, MD, MPH

  • Co-director: “Pandemic Pearls: Things We Learned” symposium

Hiroko Kunitake, MD, MPH

  • Speaker: “Utilizing and Modifying Enhanced Recovery Protocols for Geriatric Patients (G-RAS)” geriatrics and prehabilitation session
  • Moderator: “Potpourri” abstract session
  • Committee member: ASCRS Geriatric Special Interest Group

Todd Francone, MD

  • Speaker: “Abdominal Wall for Colorectal Surgeons”
  • Speaker: “Robotic Symposium and Live Surgery Workshop”

Robert Goldstone, MD

  • Speaker: “State of the Practice: Diverticular Disease”

Thomas Peponis, MD

  • Moderator: E-poster session on colorectal cancer

Rocco Ricciardi, MD

  • Moderator and speaker: “Moving On and Moving Up”


  • Goldstone, R. N.; Francone, T. D.; Bordeianou, L.; Cauley, C.; Kunitake, H.; Shih, I.; de Groot, A.; Ricciardi, R. Outcomes Gains for Robotic Surgery in The Treatment of Colorectal Cancer in the United States.
  • Nasr Esfahani, F.; Cauley, C.1 Goldstone, R.; Kunitake, H.; Bordeianou, L.; Francone, T.; Ricciardi, R. Have We Met the Care Needs of Our Patients with Diverticulitis?
  • Moises de Almeida Leite, R.; Goldstone, R.; Cauley, C.; Bordeianou, L.; Kunitake, H.; Francone, T.; Ricciardi, R. Treatment of Complicated Appendicitis, Does Extended Resection Make Sense?
  • Moises de Almeida Leite, R.; Goldstone, R.; Francone, T.; Kunitake, H.; Bordeianou, L.; Cauley, C.; Ricciardi, R. What is The Value of a Plastic Extraction Bag for Specimen Removal in Appendectomy?
  • Ward, Gartland, Cauley, Goldstone, Bordeianou, Kunitake, Francone, Ricciardi. An Analysis of Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Malpractice Claims.
  • Goldstone, Zhang, Cauley, Kunitake, Bordeianou, Francone, Ricciardi. Health Economics of Colorectal Stomas, Implications During Construction And Reversal.