Message from our Faculty and Chief of Surgery

Congratulations to all of you as you now enter your final year of medical school. I know that you are all excited, yet apprehensive, as you begin the process of determining where you would like to do your surgical training. It would be safe to say that none of us have experienced anything like this during our lifetimes. While disruptions to our daily lives and patient care continue to take their toll, we are also extremely vigilant of the effect that this pandemic has had on the education and career progression of our medical students across the country.  This effect is of particular concern for those of you entering this year’s surgical match.

Sub-Internships at Massachusetts General Hospital are extremely important. These electives allow us to host visiting medical students from around the United States and world. The experience has historically been robust, interactive and complementary to students' home rotations, while providing intimate insights into our surgical services, faculty, residents and the operations that we carry out in high volume at our institution.

Simply put, these rotations allow you—the students—to learn more about us, in the hope that you would consider applying to our residency program. Conversely, our interaction with top-tier students like yourselves also provides us with an opportunity to learn about you, and to hopefully match several of you into our outstanding surgical residency program.

Like many medical schools, Harvard Medical School has canceled all away sub-intern rotations through December 2020, and future delays not entirely excluded. . The impact of this is likely to remain palpable for years to come. We invite you to view the article by Naomi Sell, MD, an outstanding resident from our program, who explored the potential downstream effects of this disruption on the general surgery match. Read the article

Q&A Forums for Mass General Surgery Virtual Sub-Internship

In an attempt to mitigate the effects of this unprecedented disruption, we wish to invite you to join our core education and residency program faculty, as well as our chief of surgery, in a question-and-answer virtual forum to allow you to learn more about our wonderful residency program! Below are two one-hour forums that will be hosted via Zoom and you are welcome to attend:

These sessions will be hosted by

The Department of Surgery at Mass General derives its strength from the diverse talent we are lucky to attract from all over the country. It is imperative to us that we sustain the ability to attract strong medical students to our program and continue to build on our tradition of excellence in training the future leaders of surgery.

We hope that you can join us for one of the sessions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any requests for additional information about our program and our Department of Surgery. We remain invested in you during the pandemic.


John T. Mullen, MD
Program Director, General Surgery Residency

Motaz Qadan, MD, PhD
Advanced Surgical Clerkship Director

Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
Chief of Surgery

Virtual Q&A Forum on June 15, 2020

View a recording of the virtual forum hosted by the Department of Surgery on June 15, 2020