About this Research Thrust

The Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital is improving patient safety and outcomes through health services, surgical simulation and teaching-related research endeavors in which researchers, practitioners and trainees can test new clinical processes and practices on artificial patients.

Laboratories and Researchers

Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory

Cardiac surgery research offers patients the most promising therapies based on the latest scientific evidence and has made many significant advances in the practice of cardiac surgery.

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Center for Applied Clinical Investigation (CACI) Research Laboratory

The CACI laboratory is dedicated to understanding the variables that contribute to manageable risks and complications, and to guiding oral and maxillofacial surgeons to the best outcomes based on scientific evidence.

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Center for Gun Violence Prevention

The Center for Gun Violence Prevention is a multidisciplinary initiative at Mass General dedicated to preventing firearm-related violence and promoting safety in the homes and communities of the patients we serve.

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Nima Saeidi, PhD

Nima Saeidi, PhD, is an investigator at the Mass General Center for Engineering in Medicine & Surgery. Dr. Saeidi's research focuses on metabolism and obesity.

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Vascular Biology Research Laboratory

The Vascular Surgery Research Laboratory, led by Glenn LaMuraglia, MD, is involved in experimental strategies geared towards understanding the pathophysiology of intimal hyperplasia and ischemia reperfusion injury and the development of novel clinically relevant experimental therapies to treat and/or prevent both of these complex problems.

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