Thoracic Surgery Inpatient Unit

The Division of Thoracic Surgery has its own inpatient unit dedicated to the patient who has undergone or will be undergoing surgery in the chest. Ellison 19 is a 30-bed unit located on the 19th floor of the Ellison building.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The team on Ellison 19 includes the surgeons, residents, interns, staff nurses and technicians, social worker, dietitian, nurse manager, case manager, unit clerks and the physical and respiratory therapists.

The interdisciplinary approach allows us to identify individual needs and personalize the plan of care.

We place great emphasis on your physical needs as well as the educational and emotional support of you and your loved ones.

Nursing Care

You may have experienced palliative, reconstructive or curative surgeries in the chest. The nursing staff is proficient in the care you need as well as the care for those who need major surgery for chest trauma.

The staff has extensive knowledge of the evaluation, diagnosis, the surgery or the procedure being done, and the regular care you require. They also understand the potential complications you might encounter and the subsequent needs of the patient at that time.

Family Waiting Area

  • Waiting areas on patient floors: There are unstaffed waiting areas located on each inpatient unit floor
  • Staffed waiting area: A family waiting room is available on the second floor of the Yawkey Building (Room 2E-2700). A small consultation room is available for family members to speak privately with a doctor. The room is open 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. After 5:00 pm (Monday through Friday), families can wait in the Blum Center, located on the first floor of the White Building (Room 110). The phone number for the family waiting area is 617-726-2078.