A young white man contemplates the camera thoughtfully.

This year especially, having people together in my group home has been great. We’re so fortunate to be vaccinated—everyone is vaccinated here—so it’s easier for us to do activities. We get to go out in the community more now, going into restaurants and stores like Walgreens and CVS. It is a great group of individuals who come together, hang out, eat together every night, and then do our own thing after that. I am not the only one who has Down syndrome in this house. That makes it a whole lot easier to know that I am not the only one. Working in MGH at the Down syndrome clinic as a Resource Specialist has gotten me more connected to people, too. I enjoy getting to see different patients and their families.

This Is Me

In celebration of our community’s diverse abilities, we present the This Is Me exhibit. This Is Me amplifies the voices of individuals living with disabilities and chronic health conditions, caregivers and disability rights activists.