A smiling older white woman sits in a park with a tree behind her.

As a person living with a physical disability, one of the biggest challenges is that others are always lowering their expectations due to bias. People assume from the moment they meet you that you will achieve less in life. We need to recognize that disability is a ubiquitous part of the human experience. Rather than people with disabilities being a small minority group sitting on the sidelines, it’s actually all of us, at some point in life. We empower ourselves, and our communities, when we normalize disability as part of our life journey. The more we make our environments universal and destigmatize our attitudes about disability, the more we open up opportunities for everyone and achieve our full potential.

This Is Me

In celebration of our community’s diverse abilities, we present the This Is Me exhibit. This Is Me amplifies the voices of individuals living with disabilities and chronic health conditions, caregivers and disability rights activists.