An almost-laughing young white woman in a denim jacket, with a park in the background.

Like most people with an invisible illness, I look remarkably healthy. If I didn’t tell you, you would never know. When I applied to medical school, I was conflicted about disclosing my narcolepsy for fear of bias and prejudice during the admissions process and my future career. But hiding my illness felt like conforming to a culture of silence among physicians facing their own health challenges. As I start my journey in the medical field, I’m hopeful that being fearlessly open about my chronic illness will add something that’s missing from medicine: a culture grounded in acceptance and openness, where we empower one another to find strength in our vulnerability.

This Is Me

In celebration of our community’s diverse abilities, we present the This Is Me exhibit. This Is Me amplifies the voices of individuals living with disabilities and chronic health conditions, caregivers and disability rights activists.