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The Magic Wand Initiative (MWI) Expansion program aims to expand innovation education throughout the United States and the world. Through collaboration, the MWI curriculum is adapted to each organization’s unique ecosystem of learners, infrastructure, and goals. The MWI faculty and alumni provide institutional support for successful implementation of the curriculum and the practice of innovation. Collectively, the Magic Wand Expansion spreads the spirit and skills of innovation and grows this creative community of clinician leaders.

The MWI model has proven to be successful with clinicians working within the discipline of dermatology.  It is our hope to expand the application of the MWI blueprint to clinicians within other disciplines. If you are interested in applying the successful blueprint of the MWI to your institution or organization, please contact us to be connected with one of our helpful experts who will collaborate with you to adapt the curriculum of the MWI to the specific infrastructure of your institution or organization.

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