Connecting Students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

The Community Outreach Program offered by the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine (DACCPM) at Massachusetts General Hospital aims to foster a love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) within the diverse communities we serve. Our mission is to inspire students to further their education in these subjects, identify potential careers within these fields and see Mass General as a resource for future opportunities.

DACCPM partners with local high schools to connect interested students to our programs. Students spend extensive time with experts from all areas of our department, giving them the opportunity to learn how a world-renowned academic medical center operates. Our staff members who participate in community outreach include:

Hands-On Curriculum Led by Mass General Experts

Our curriculum for high school students focuses on three programs: the Student Simulation Program, the Job Shadowship Program and the Summer Research Training Program.

Student Simulation Program

The Student Simulation Program is a five-week program where students are given the full Mass General DACCPM experience. Students meet once per week for two hours.

First Week

During their first week, students receive an initial lecture on the basics of vital signs and anesthesia and learn exactly what an anesthesiologist looks for when assessing and diagnosing a patient. After mastering the basics, the young practitioners put their newly acquired knowledge into action and pair up to take respiratory rates, temperatures and blood oxygen levels under the supervision of our experts.

Second Week

In their second week, basic life training modules are introduced. Students practice CPR and use automated external defibrillators.

Third Week

In their third week, students receive hands-on training with anesthesia-related equipment directly from Mass General operating rooms.

Fourth Week

The fourth week takes place at the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical & Professional Development, where students participate in simulation experiences. Students learn the basics of intubation and practice intubating a mannequin using a laryngoscope and fiberoptic scope. Students utilize their skills learned in prior weeks to assess and diagnose a patient. Students also practice stabilizing a mannequin presenting with an asthma attack, ectopic pregnancy or heart attack. During this week, students participate in tour of a Mass General operating room, led by our staff members.

Job Shadowship Program

Students enrolled in the Job Shadowship Program get a full-spectrum experience in DACCPM. During the course of 12 weeks, students meet with one or more members of the department to understand their role(s) and work. Depending on their particular interests, students may be paired with staff members in the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Biomedical
  • Clinical engineering
  • Critical care and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
  • Financial analysis
  • Information technology
  • The Pain Center
  • Research
  • Faculty development and education
  • Quality and safety
  • The Gray Desk Operating Room Command Center

The Summer Research Training Program

The Summer Research Training Program engages students with the research efforts of the DACCPM. Students meet with principal investigators (PIs) over a series of six lunches throughout the summer and have the chance to visit labs, engage in discussions and take part in a mock operation room experience in the Treadwell Learning Library at Mass General. The aim of the program is to promote STEM and foster a love of research and anesthesia.