Our Mission

To recruit, retain and develop the highest quality faculty members and help each other grow personally and professionally.

Our Vision

To be a department in which every member feels highly invested in their career, and can bring their best to their role within the department, institution and larger community.

Our Initiatives

Annual Career Conferences

Every faculty member attends an annual career conference with either their division chief or principal investigator. These career conferences provide an opportunity to focus on and track career development. During these conferences, faculty members can be expected to discuss their:

  • Academic goals (prior year and ongoing)
  • Clinical work
  • Teaching scores
  • Quality and safety metrics
  • Other areas of professional development

Faculty Workshops

Periodically, the department uses a portion of its regularly allotted education time to hold faculty workshops. These workshops usually occur on Thursdays from 8 am – 9 am. The sessions are designed specifically for faculty anesthesiologists with a curriculum that covers clinical, research, academic and teaching topics. Corresponding hands-on and didactic sessions are also created for all faculty members that target core clinical skills.

Examples of past sessions include:

  • Getting started in academic writing
  • Learning with hands-on, clinical skill-building sessions on various topics (refresh sessions)
  • Speaking up in the operating room
  • Using statistics and study design tips

New Faculty Development Program

The New Faculty Development Program group meets monthly in a small group setting to discuss various academic, clinical and administrative topics. The goal of this curriculum is to continue to provide the necessary resources to build successful, enjoyable and highly productive careers in the department. Each new faculty member is also partnered with a clinical faculty member who serves as their operating room mentor and as a resource for any operating room-related questions.

Examples of meeting topics include:

  • Engagement in the Harvard Medical School (HMS) promotions system
  • Instructions on teaching residents and working with certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)
  • Tips on taking first call and working at off-site locations
  • Training on dealing with difficult conversations and speaking up

Faculty Career Enhancement Program

This is a four-week, full-time program that fully supports selected members—all of whom have been Mass General faculty members for 10 years or more—to engage in career enhancing activities of their choosing. The time is to be used for professional growth, as determined by each chosen faculty member. Examples of activities that would fit the spirit of this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning a new clinical or research skill
  • Learning about a professional topic of interest
  • Engaging in medical mission work
  • Improving writing or editing skills

Harvard Medical School Promotion

Every faculty member has the opportunity to be recognized for their academic achievements. We have a dedicated administrative team to help determine promotion-readiness and provide support through every step of the process. Faculty members are encouraged to engage with the promotions infrastructure at any time.


Burnout is typically viewed as an employee problem that requires an employee-based solution. We recognize that burnout is essentially an organizational problem that requires organizational solutions to ensure an ideal workplace. To support our employees, we are committed to organizational solutions such as:

  • Flexible and sustainable workload
  • Shared decision making
  • Equity and transparency
  • Community building
  • Continual assessment and evolution of our workplace culture to meet changing needs

Faculty Affairs Leadership Team

  • Keith Baker, MD, PhD, Vice Chair of Education and Faculty Affairs
  • Amy Corbosiero, Program Manager
  • Allison Doney, MHA, Senior Administrative Manager