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Binglan Yu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School
Assistant Investigator, Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Description of Research

My research interests have been focused on the following areas:

  1. Elucidating the mechanisms responsible for the adverse clinical outcomes of transfusing stored blood, such as high mortality, longer hospital stay and multi-organ failure
  2. Investigating whether breathing nitric oxide (NO) would alleviate/prevent the adverse effects induced by transfusing blood stored for prolonged periods
  3. Wider use of NO inhalation therapy is significantly limited, however, because the current delivery system is cumbersome and expensive. Recently, our research group has designed, constructed, and tested a prototype of NO generation device generating NO from air by pulsed electrical discharge ─ a simple and economical way to produce NO. If we can produce a pure and therapeutic range of NO with this system, we will be able to increase dramatically the affordability of NO inhalation therapy, thereby increasing its availability and the range of medical conditions for which it may be used


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