Help save a life by donating blood to The Kraft Family Blood Donor Center, one of the largest full-service blood transfusion and donation services in the country.

About The Kraft Family Blood Donor Center

Donating blood is an easy, quick, safe way to save a life. Each and every day, hundreds of Mass General patients require blood to help fight cancer, to replace what is lost in a trauma, or to treat a chronic disease.

Through the more than 80 years of medical and technical advances at The Kraft Family Blood Donor Center, the one constant has been the need for blood donors. Nothing has replaced the need for generous individuals to roll up their sleeve and donate blood for patients in need.

Today The Kraft Family Blood Donor Center provides the approximately 50,000 blood components necessary annually to transfuse patients at Mass General and other nearby medical facilities. In addition to serving the patient population at Mass General, we also provide blood and blood components to the Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Shriners Burn Institute for Children, the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and MassGeneral for Children. Blood is supplied by volunteer donors — people who realize the ongoing need for lifesaving blood.