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Skin Cancer and Sun Protection2021-05-10

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US. It is also one of the most preventable types. As you start to peel back the winter layers to enjoy the start of summer, join Dr. Shinjita Das to learn more about sun protective measures, different forms of skin cancers, and when to see your doctor about a concerning skin lesion.

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Talking to Your Child About Differences and Discrimination2021-04-29

How do you talk to children about differences in the world? How do you support children who are victims of racism and discrimination? Aisha James, MD, MS, Gracia Kwete, MD, and Carlos Torres, MD, pediatricians and associate directors of Diversity and Equity at MGHfC, share tips on how to bring up these challenging topics to children and become allies in the work of creating an anti-racist society.

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Updates on Psoriasis2021-04-21

Psoriasis is a long-term disorder where multiple parts of the body can become inflamed. It affects about 3% of the US population. In this talk, Dr. Flavia Fedeles will give an overview of the signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of the different types of psoriasis. She will also provide the latest guidelines for the management and treatment of psoriasis, including topical and systemic (biologic and non-biologic) medications.

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Fifty Shades of Brown2021-03-23

There are many skin problems that disproportionately affect people with darker skin tones. Please join Dr. Sandy Tsao, board-certified medical, laser, and cosmetic dermatologist and Co-Director of Ethnic Skin of Color, Department of Dermatology, to learn about specific cosmetic concerns for darker skin complexions, skincare tips, and treatment options.

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Sharing Hope: Supporting Families with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Treatment2021-03-22

Many families find themselves in a state of crisis when a family member is unwell. However, a loved one living with a mental health disorder, substance use disorder, or both can be even more tricky when the family is unsure how to help. Jennifer Blewitt, DSW, LICSW, will provide an overview of mental health and addiction treatment services. She will also share practical guidance on how families can best navigate the world of treatment, support, and available resources.

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Tough Conversations: Tips to Navigate Challenging Times with Children2021-03-18

When your child asks questions about something upsetting, scary or difficult that happens in the world, what do you say – or do you say anything at all? Steven Schlozman, MD, and Michael Jellinek, MD, of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, share tips on how to navigate these challenging conversations with children.

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Living Well with Chronic Lung Disease2021-03-17

Many people with lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and interstitial lung disease experience shortness of breath and fatigue. These symptoms can make it difficult to do routine daily activities and hobbies. Join Stephanie Driscoll, PT, DPT, CCS, to learn how pulmonary rehab can help people with lung disease live a full and active lifestyle.

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Maximizing Human Potential Through Brain Health2021-03-15

We routinely discuss our cardiovascular (heart) health and the importance of maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle with our doctors. However, what do we know about preserving the health of our brain? We often do not think about our brain health until something goes awry and treatments and rehabilitation are required. Join Dr. Jonathan Rosand, Neurologist and Co-Founder of the McCance Center for Brain Health at Mass General, to learn how you can take control of your own brain health, preserve your brain function as you age, and even prevent certain brain diseases.

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Management Options for Irritable Bowel Syndrome2021-03-08

In this presentation, Elizabeth Glennon, NP, will briefly review criteria for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diagnostic testing used to rule out other diagnoses similar to IBS. She will review current over-the-counter and prescription medication options to manage IBS, as well as lifestyle strategies, including the role of diet and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Direct-to-Consumer and Consumer-Initiated Genetic Testing: What Can I Learn from a DNA Test?2021-02-23

Join genetic counselors Renée Pelletier and Deanna Brockman to learn about the advantages and limitations of DTC and consumer-initiated genetic tests. They will also review the general history and current state of DTC and consumer-initiated genetic tests, explore resources for additional information and professional support, and discuss the MGH Preventive Genomics Clinic – a new clinic which aims to empower patients to better understand, predict, and prevent disease using genetic information.

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