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Setting the Stage for Healthy Eating Habits2021-11-12

Feeding children can be complicated, and even more so in a world that targets children with food marketing and convenience food. While the way a child eats is not solely in the hands of parents, there are strategies that can help your child build a healthy relationship with food. Stephanie Harshman, PhD, RD, LD, and Meaghan Alexander, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC, of the Center for Feeding and Nutrition at MGHfC, share strategies for feeding children of all ages.

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Strong from the Start: Helping Teens Build Healthy Relationships and Recognize Early Signs of Unhealthy Ones2021-10-26

How can we support teens in developing healthy peer and dating relationships? This talk will focus on the early building blocks of children’s later peer relationships, how to recognize some early sings of unhealthy dating relationships, and information to clarify misconceptions that teens may have about dating relationships. Archana Basu, PhD, of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, shares tips on how to help your teen foster strong, healthy peer and dating relationships.

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Removing Barriers While Remaining Resilient in One’s Recovery During Uncertain Times2021-09-30

During this challenging time, recovery capital has been more important than ever. Join us for a discussion with our recovery coaches. They will review the tools they used for themselves and their participants to help them maintain their recovery. Our coaches will also share their challenges, successes, and lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic in recovery resilience and how they can be applied to current and future uncertain times.

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Pain and Its Treatments: Finding the Right Balance2021-09-17

In this presentation, Paul Arnstein, RN, PhD, FAAN, will discuss how one of the best ways to manage pain is through an individualized plan based on the source of pain. Pain management is also modified and treated in a balanced way to help without harming the person.

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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Tips to Manage Childhood Obesity2021-09-10

Learn the challenges that many families face when dealing with childhood obesity from Vibha Singhal, MD, MBBS, director of the Pediatric Program in the MGH Weight Center and provider in Pediatric Endocrinology. She will also share insights and tips on how to manage childhood obesity.

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Envisioning Person-Centered Care for People Who Use Drugs2021-09-09

People who use drugs experience significant discrimination in healthcare settings. This case-based panel discussion will center the voices of drug user organizers. They will describe barriers to quality care and share visions of what person-centered medical services for stigmatized populations could look like.

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The Myths and Facts of Gluten Related Disorders2021-08-10

Come join Maureen Leonard, MD, MMSc, and Stephanie Harshman, PhD, RD, LD, for a talk on the two most common gluten related disorders, celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. They will review the common misconceptions, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and management of these disorders.

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Nutrition Debunked2021-07-21

Have you ever read nutrition recommendations and wondered how to apply them? Join dietetic intern Alex Cauley as she discusses common nutrition misconceptions and the most effective way to improve your health through nutrition. You will learn how your diet compares to national guidelines and where to place your focus for the best results. Alex will also answer any questions you have about nutrition and help you find a balance that works best for you.

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Adult Congenital Heart Disease - Tetralogy of Fallot: Anatomy and Long-Term Management2021-07-20

Join Dr. Doreen DeFaria Yeh for a talk on a common congenital heart condition called tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). In this presentation, she will review the specific medical issues that develop among children and adults born with TOF. She will also discuss how doctors monitor adult patients over their lifetime to ensure their hearts remain healthy and strong for years after surgical and catheter procedures. Patient stories will also be shared.

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