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    Sewing Love for Mass General

    Erin Kim, 16, has been using her creative talents for good and to support Mass General for years, but in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim is using her art skills to create something more practical--sewing cloth face masks.

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    Research Roundup November 2019

    Research Roundup November 2019. Research Roundup November 2019. Genetic study points to new strategies to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease Some people who carry gene mutations known to cause early onset Alzheimer’s disease do not show

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    Mass General performs first application of genetically modified, live-cell, pig skin to a human wound

    Burn specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) announced today they have successfully used live-cell, genetically engineered pig skin (xenograft) for the temporary closure of a burn wound. Through an FDA-cleared phase one clinical trial led by surgeon Jeremy Goverman, MD, of the MGH Sumner Redstone Burn Service, this procedure marks the first-time pig tissue derived from an animal with gene edits has been transplanted directly onto a human wound.

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    Tips to Prevent Drowning

    Drowning is leading cause of unintentional injury and death in children ages 0-14 in Massachusetts. Here are some tips for preventing drowning when your children go for a swim.

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    Preventing Burns

    Burns can be very serious injuries, but they can also be prevented in many cases. Get tips on how to prevent burns, what are common sources of burns and how to help if your child does get burned.

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    Patient Story: Carolyn

    After many years of sun exposure, Carolyn S. suffered from sunspots and age spots. She shares her experience with Jeremy Goverman, MD, and specialists at the Burn Division at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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