Teamwork & Dedication

“When I started at Mass General in 2010, I had no idea of the exciting journey that was ahead. My work as a security officer for the hospital’s Police and Security Department involves both outside and inside patrols, ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and employees. In addition to our patrols, we also are trained as first responders, which we often serve as when responding to medical emergencies and other calls. 

Being a security officer requires a high level of communication skills. I not only have to know how to communicate verbally and in writing, but also have nonverbal skills. If I show up to a call and my body language shows that I do not care about the situation or am not interested, I could make the situation even worse. By showing empathy, active listening and concern through body language, you not only show those involved that you care, but that you are invested in their well-being. 

Within Police and Security, the ideals of teamwork and dedication are constantly shown through the work that we do. There has never been a day in which I felt that someone on the team was not highly trained, committed or educated in our line of work. Every single person on our team – ranging from the lower-level officers to the managers – are dedicated to their jobs. They put in the work and training necessary to protect everyone in our hospital community. 

Being a part of the Mass General community has shown me not only how warm and open the overall culture of the hospital is, but also how dedicated everyone is to the well-being of patients. Even though not every employee works directly with patients, over the years I have seen firsthand that we all work to not only better the hospital, but also the lives of those who seek care here. As I continue my Mass General career, I hope to continue to progress throughout the department and become a subject matter expert in hospital law enforcement.”