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The Age Positively Program at MGH supports and empowers patients and providers to enhance the care and well-being of people living with HIV as they age through a multidisciplinary initiative. The cornerstone of the Age Positively Program is a clinical partnership between geriatric medicine and infectious diseases divisions designed to support clinicians in providing care to the aging HIV population at MGH. The program also encompasses education, community partnerships, and research.

About the Program

Clinical Care

The MGH Age Positively clinic is a partnership between the Divisions of Geriatric Medicine and Infectious Diseases. People living with HIV can experience age-related health concerns earlier than the general population, putting them at risk for cognitive and functional decline. Early interventions for geriatric syndromes to assist with optimizing physical and cognitive function can set the stage for a positive aging experience. Geriatricians are medical providers who help to optimize patients’ physical and cognitive function, minimize fragmentation in care delivery, and ensure people receive the appropriate care and support they need.

The clinical program offers a Comprehensive Geriatrics Assessment for persons living with HIV who are age 50 or older or have questions about a geriatric issue. In collaboration with the HIV provider, the geriatrics team will provide co-management to address prevention and treatment for the following topics:

  • Physical function
  • Cognitive/memory concerns
  • Medication management
  • Coordination of care among multiple specialists
  • Clarifying goals of care and what matter most for you at this stage of life
  • Caregiver support
  • Aging in place

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I meet with the Geriatrics Team Member?

Your appointment will be approximately 90 minutes in length. The Geriatrics provider will explore your physical and cognitive function and any challenges you may be experiencing in caring for yourself or others. Additionally, they will conduct a thorough medication review to look for opportunities to simplify or optimize your medications. Lastly, the Geriatrics provider will ask you to identify what matters most to you moving forward at this age of your life. Together, we will create a roadmap for this phase of your life.

How often will I see the Geriatrics Team?

For some patients, a visit with the Geriatrics team is a one-time visit. If there are ongoing concerns, you may be offered follow-up visits.

How can I get a visit with the Age Positively Program?

To participate in the Age Positively Program, please speak with your HIV provider who can make a referral.


The Age Positively Program provides patient- and provider-centered education and training on topics related to HIV and aging.

Age Positively Town Halls

The Age Positively Program hosts patient education sessions covering issues related to aging and HIV with an opportunity to ask real-time questions of content experts.

If you are interested in attending a town hall, please join the confidential email list.  Once you are on the email list, we will send you the zoom link for the upcoming session.

Upcoming Town Halls:

Join the confidentail email list to stay apprised and receive the Zoom link for the session.

Thursday, June 13, 2024 2:00-3:00pm
The Pill Juggling Act: Staying Safe with Multiple Meds
With Alex Rock, Pharm D, Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacist 

Town Hall Recordings

Inaugural Town Hall: HIV & AGING 101
Inaugural Town Hall: HIV & AGING 101
April 25, 2024
With Dr. Matt Russell and Dr. Virginia Triant
View Recording

Community Partnerships

The Age Positively Program has collaborative partnerships with community programs and agencies that support people living with HIV in greater Boston and New England to increase awareness of issues related to aging with HIV.


The Age Positively Program partners with investigators to advance clinical, translational, and implementation research in HIV and aging across disciplines.

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