Bereavement Reading List

After The First Year, Then What?

A hopeful letter for the first anniversary of the death.

Grief: A Normal and Natural Response to Loss

Descriptions of normal reactions (physical, emotional, work-related, and spiritual) to the death, using the words of grieving people.

On Dealing with Death

More gentle descriptions and recommendations for the middle months of grieving.

Recovering From Grief

Recommendations for adapting after the difficult work of bereavement.

A Checklist of Tasks After a Death

A list of people to notify, places to contact after the death of a loved one.

Healing Activities

A worksheet to be filled out, then called upon when feeling blue.

Keeping a Personal Journal

Personal journal writing is described as a tool for self-reflection and growth during bereavement. Information on bereavement support services.

Tips for Handling Grief at the Holidays

Twelve ideas to assist the bereaved during the holidays.


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