Geriatric Medicine delivers a multidisciplinary clinical care program for seniors emphasizing continuity of care across multiple sites of health care delivery. Our services emphasize wellness promotion and improvement in daily functioning.

Geriatric Medicine also provides patient- and family-centered care in the context of each individual's functional and psychosocial situation. Our team, which includes specialists in geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, geriatric nursing and social work, develops a comprehensive care plan for each patient. Emphasis is placed on wellness promotion and improvement in daily functioning. Our staff coordinates your or your loved ones' care across the continuum, which may include hospitalization, rehabilitation, nursing home and home care services.

Frequently asked questions about Geriatrics

I'm 74. My wife and I both started going to MGH Geriatric Medicine about three years ago. We're both very satisfied with the quality of care and the personal attention we receive. Our doctors are specialists and know which of our problems are related to aging and what we can do about them. My medical problems are multiple and I need an organized approach. The staff is never too busy to return a phone call. Their whole approach is like family...they follow up with me like a mother hen.