Patrice CharlotPatrice Charlot serves as Communications Specialist for Equity & Community Health and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Her work as Communications Specialist serves as a dynamic intersection of Patrice’s passion for design rooted in empathy and inclusivity, as well as equity through health, wellness and social justice.

As an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, where Patrice earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Sociology, she conducted research and presented two theses projects on the impact of race on infant mortality rates. Heavily impacted and inspired by the experience of Black women, and Black mothers especially, Patrice’s work has always been rooted in the same ideology which is to amplify and provide a voice for historically excluded populations within her community and beyond. When asked why, Patrice says “I’m motivated daily by my family, and I strive each and every day to actualize the dreams of my mother who immigrated from Haiti over two decades ago. Everything I do is for her, people like her, and people like me. People who deserve to have their voices represented in every meeting, at every table, and on every platform.”

Prior to her work at Mass General, Patrice brought her mission to life in her work in the non-profit and education spaces by supporting first-generation, low-income students navigate and excel in their pursuit of higher education, most recently at Brandeis University where she is also a Master of Science candidate in Digital Marketing and Design.