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The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Family Advisory Council


Individuals at least 16 years of age who have had experience at MassGeneral Hospital for Children are invited to apply for membership on the council. Terms are three years and require various time and commitment levels, depending on the committee’s needs and the candidates’ interests. Read about the council's recent efforts.

For more information about our services, how to get involved, or to apply to become a member, including eligibility and the formal application and selection process, please send an email to FAC@partners.org.

If you would like to submit an application, please use either the PDF or Word document below (the PDF might be more suitable if you want to print and fill out the application by hand and the Word document can be completed on your computer and emailed):

Additional opportunities

In addition to the Family Advisory Council, the hospital offers a number of standing committee opportunities of varying time commitments for patients and families with specific interests.

Committees On Which Family Members Serve

MassGeneral Hospital for Children is committed to hearing the patient and parent voice and therefore some family members of FAC choose to serve on additional hospital committees. While this is not a requirement of FAC membership, below is a list of hospital committees on which our families serve.

MGH Quality Oversight Committee

MGH Gun Violence Prevention Committee

MGHfC Ambulatory Patient Experience Committee

MGHfC In-Patient Experience Committee

MGHfC Ethics Committee

MGHfC Advisory Board

MGHfC PICU Parent Life Committee

MGHfC Pediatric Wheelchair Committee

Hospital Members

The Family Advisory Council is a partnership of family members, hospital leadership, and staff dedicated to working together to improve the care and experience of patients and their families who receive care at the MGHfC. We are a diverse group of fifteen(15) family members whose children have received care at MGHfC. The FAC is co-Chaired by family member and a staff member. MGHfC leadership who serve on the FAC include

    • MGHfC leadership including:
      • Medical Director
      • Associate Chief Nurse
      • Executive Director
      • Director of Quality &Safety
      • Clinical Director for Social Work
      • Representation from Nursing, Child Life, and other healthcare disciplines


Patients Educate New Doctors on the Importance of Family-Centered Rounds Wednesday, June 27, 2018
For children and teens recovering from illness or injury, knowledge is key. Understanding their treatment plan gives patients a voice and allows them to take a more active role in managing their care. That message was made clear when two longtime patients spoke with pediatric residents beginning their hospital training. Read more.

FAC Spotlight: Sharing Parent Perspectives to Improve Patient Care November 21, 2017
At the heart of every positive interaction is clear communication. In a clinic setting, communication can sometimes become muddled with concerns like long wait times, unclear explanations or late arrivals to appointments. This year, staff across MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) heard from staff and parents of MGHfC patients on how to provide the best experience possible and diffuse challenging situations. Read more.

Pediatric Wheelchairs Make for Improved Hospital Experience September 15, 2017
When coming to MGHfC for treatments, Mike Doiron transported his daughter, Ava, 8, in an adult-sized wheelchair that was too big for her small frame, making the trips uncomfortable. When Ava passed on last summer, Doiron brought his idea for child-sized wheelchairs to two MGHfC Family Advisory Councils. In July 2017, MGHfC debuted its new fleet of wheelchairs throughout the Yawkey building. Read more.

Not Taking a Breath for Granted: Mikey's Story at FAC Grand Rounds May 17, 2017
At 3 months old, Mikey was diagnosed with laryngomalacia. This made it hard for him to breathe. It also meant that he might need surgery and a tracheotomy. On April 11, his parents, Katie and Michael, shared their family’s experience at this year’s Grand Rounds, sponsored by the Family Advisory Council at MGHfC. Read more.

FAC Spotlight: Adolescent Rounding in the PICU Brings New Meaning to Family-Centered Care March 14, 2017
In this month's FAC Spotlight, meet Eleanor McLaughlin, RN, a nurse on the PICU and member of MGHfC's Family Advisory Council, who helped improve patient care by implementing adolescent rounding in the PICU. Adolescent rounding is an innovative practice that gives teens and young adults a place to be heard and advocate for their care by participating in morning rounds. Read more.

Wrapping Gifts on Ellison 18 with Care January 4, 2017
Members of the Family Advisory Council give back by participating in a holiday Toy Shop event. Read more.

You Are Here: Wendy’s Welcome to the ED (video) October 14, 2016
Darcy Daniels, a member and current Co-Chair of the MGHfC Family Advisory Council, is no stranger to the Emergency Department at the hospital. She has accompanied her daughter Wendy Wooden to it many, many times. A couple of years ago, Darcy and Wendy decided they would put their experiences to work to help others and develop a guide to the Emergency Department that could be given to parents and children when they were waiting to be seen. With the help of the Family Advisory Council, they met on a regular basis with a multidisciplinary group of ED providers that included the physicians, nurses, social workers and child life specialists to create a written document that would accurately portray what a family could expect and be appropriate for children. Through a wonderful set of circumstances, an architecture firm with computer animation expertise transformed the document into Wendy’s Welcome. This award-winning video is now available to all families and children who come to the Emergency Department. Read more and see the video.

Your Voice – Family Advisory Council July 18, 2016
Article about the value of family advisory councils written by member Darcy Daniels. Read more on the Courageous Parents Network.

Patients Share Lessons Learned from Their Hospital Experience at Grand Rounds April 13, 2016
Four MGHfC patients shared their experiences of receiving care at the hospital at this year’s annual Family Advisory Council Grand Rounds. Read more.

Bedford mother shares her story at Rare Disease Day March 12, 2015
Family Advisory Council member Lisa Cimino, mother to a child with a rare disease, speaks to lawmakers at the State House in Boston during Rare Disease Day. Read more.

MGHfC Clinicians Reflect on Experiences from When Their Children Were Patients January 13, 2015
At a Grand Rounds session, "There is No Us and Them," three clinicians from MassGeneral Hospital for Children reflected on lessons from when the parent and provider roles were reversed and their children became patients. Read more.

Helping Families During Medical Crises December 20th, 2012
When a family is hit with a medical crisis, it often feels as though the world is turned upside down. It is during these challenging times that friends and other family members’ support becomes invaluable. Read more.

Autism and Hospitals: A Difficult Match November, 2012
Article in the journal Academic Pediatrics by Family Advisory Council member Eve Megargel and Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, MD. Read more.

Mom Empowers Families to Understand Rounds October 12th, 2012
Sarah Santos, mother of an MGHfC patient, partners with the Family Advisory Council to create an educational document informing patients and families about their role during the medical team’s morning rounds. Read more.

Family-Centered Grand Rounds Pinpoint Role of Communication in Care May 20th, 2011
The third-annual Family-Centered Grand Rounds, “The A Team—Building an Effective Healthcare Team,” honed in on the importance of team communication in care. Read more.

Listening to the Voices of Patients and Families (video) March 9th, 2011
As part of the Patient Safety Awareness Week celebration for 2011, the Edward P. Lawrence Center for Quality and Safety hosted a Quality & Safety forum on March 9 featuring a presentation, “Listening to the Voices of Patients and Families.” Guest speakers Seta Atamian, of the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Family Advisory Council, and Dave deBronkart – known as “e-Patient Dave,” a noted activist for participatory medicine – shared their experiences navigating the health care spectrum.  Watch the video to hear their impressive stories.

Council Centers its Efforts November 25th, 2009
It was a Tuesday night and the colorful, child-friendly hallways of Ellison 17 were quiet. But inside the floor’s conference room, a lively discussion was underway between members of the Family Advisory Council (FAC). Read more.

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