Audiology services at Mass General for Children are provided by licensed, certified audiologists from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, which adjoins the hospital. Mass Eye and Ear audiologists work closely with pediatric specialists at Mass General for Children to ensure early identification and appropriate management of hearing loss and are recognized as a major regional resource for the comprehensive evaluation of hearing in newborns.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Mass Eye and Ear audiologists are equipped to perform the full range of age-appropriate diagnostic procedures to identify and characterize hearing loss. Our audiologists have extensive experience with management of hearing loss with hearing aids, cochlear implants and other rehabilitative strategies in children of all ages.

We provide the following specialty care for infants and children:

  • Level One Approved Audiological Assessment/Diagnostic Center (Highest level as designated by Massachusetts Department of Public Health Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program)
  • Age-appropriate evaluation of hearing threshold and speech understanding
  • Auditory evoked response (AER, ABR, BAER) measures
  • Otoacoustic emission measures
  • Tests of middle ear function (e.g., tympanometry)
  • Auditory rehabilitation
  • Cochlear implant evaluation, mapping, follow-up services
  • Hearing aid evaluation, sales, fitting, follow-up services
  • Ear protection, swim molds, hearing aid earmolds

For additional information about audiology programs and specific procedures, please visit the Mass Eye and Ear website.