There are several ways to ask for prescription refills at the Lurie Center for Autism. The chart below shows you the different ways you can ask for prescription refills.

REfill option How to refill Important things to know
Through Patient Gateway

Patient Gateway is the hospital’s electronic portal (email) to keep in touch with your care team.

To sign up for Patient Gateway, ask the front desk staff for a Patient Care Representative (PCR) form.

Front desk: 781-860-1700

Patient Gateway is the best way to ask for refills and keep in touch with your care team.

Request renewals by clicking on “Health Information” and then “Medications.”

It may take 5 business days to process your prescription refill request.

At your office visit Ask your provider for enough medication refills to last until your next visit.

The provider can renew your prescriptions during the appointment to be picked up at the pharmacy the same day or when you need the medication.

Schedule your next appointment when checking out.

Call the refill line at 781-860-1700

Listen carefully to each prompt. Have the following information ready:

  • Patient’s first and last name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Name of doctor prescribing the medication
  • Name and current dose of medication
  • Your pharmacy location
It may take 5 business days to process your prescription refill request.

A note about prior authorizations…

If your insurance company requires a prior authorization (PA) when you pick up your prescription, ask your pharmacy to fax the PA and insurance information to 781-860-1766.

Our office will handle the rest and contact you and the pharmacy once we hear from your insurance company about approval or rejection. Prior authorizations can take up to 10 days to process. If you are still waiting and need the medications before we receive an answer, you can pay out of pocket and your insurance company can reimburse you if the PA is approved.

Rev. 1/2019. Mass General for Children and Massachusetts General Hospital do not endorse any of the brands listed on this handout. This handout is intended to provide health information so that you can be better informed. It is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be used to treatment of any medical conditions.