At the Lurie Center for Autism, our mission is to treat individuals and support their families across their lifespan. The resources and information provided here aim to address common questions and concerns about ASD with evidence-based answers that have been reviewed by credentialed professionals on our staff. Our goal is to continually update this material as new information is discovered, evidence develops, and new research is published. Click the links below to view and download helpful guides.

Visiting the Lurie Center

Visiting the Hospital

  • Social Stories - See our expansive list of social stories for medical appointments and procedures.

Autism Spectrum Disorder – General Information and Tips

Adult Care - Aging Well With Autism

Transition Services and Supports


Lurie Center: Topics Related to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Our Lurie Center clinicians provide information on frequently discussed topics, treatments and assessments related to ASD. Please see below for more information.


Behavior and ASD

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Gastroenterology and ASD

Medicine and ASD

Neurology and ASD

Psychology and ASD

Related and Co-Occurring Conditions

Sexuality and ASD

Special Education

Technology and ASD

Vaccinations and ASD

Other Topics