Craniosynostosis is condition that affects the bones in your baby’s head and how the head is shaped. When a baby is born, the skull is made up of more than 6 separate bones. These separate bones allow the head to grow as the baby’s brain grows. The lines at which the bones come together are called sutures. In babies with craniosynostosis, some of the bones in the skull fuse together sooner than they are supposed to. This causes the baby’s head to be shaped differently from a typical baby.

In babies with craniosynostosis, the brain continues to grow, but because some of the bones have fused too soon, the skull grows “extra” where it is able to expand to make space for the growing brain. This leads to the abnormal head shape getting worse over time. If left untreated, craniosynostosis can lead to complications such as visual impairment, headaches, or delayed development.

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