About Us

Our mission is to aid in the critical care post-up difficulties that may arise from hospital discharge by providing exceptional service and treatment to the multicultural patients and families we serve. We utilize excellent communication with the family and primary care pediatricians to optimize long-term successful patient outcomes.

The Mass General for Children PICU provides monitoring and life-sustaining treatment for critically ill patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses. The Mass General for Children PICU Follow-Up clinic will focus on evaluating the intensive care patients discharged from the PICU. PICU patients and their families experience a high risk for developing medical, neurodevelopmental, and psychosocial needs related to post-intensive care syndrome. So, it is not uncommon for them to seek out help along this journey. This includes patients who have had a prolonged stay in the PICU for a critical illness.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Follow-Up Clinic is a developmental follow-up service. We support your children through the aid in their development, growth, and recovery for them to reach their full potential.

These issues have commonly been overlooked by health care providers as post-intensive care patients transition care back into the community following their serious illness. The Mass General for Children PICU Follow-Up Clinic was uniquely designed to combat this issue.

This process can be described in four steps:

Steps of Patient Care

  1. Hospital discharged
  2. Evaluate areas of cognition and psychosocial function—how
  3. Neurodevelopment and family functioning to identify ongoing needs and set up referrals to community providers to be able to follow- how
  4. Support the child and family through the long-term recovery after critical illness