Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Your baby is incredibly special. We want to help keep your little one as healthy as possible. Babies with Down syndrome often need some extra resources as they grow. The list below can offer some help for you and your baby.


  • MassGeneral Hospital Down Syndrome Program
    We would love to see you and your baby after you leave the hospital. Please call 617-643-8912 if you haven’t already received an appointment. For more information on our program, visit the MGfC Down Syndrome Program's page.

Breastfeeding Support

Many babies with Down syndrome need a little extra support with breastfeeding at first. While you are in the hospital, a breastfeeding specialist will meet you and your baby.

If you have problems with breastfeeding when you are home, here are some helpful resources:

Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC)

The MDSC has a “Patients’ First Call Program” that can match you and your family with a professionally trained parent of a child with Down syndrome.

Even if you would not like to meet another parent at this time, the MDSC will send you and your family free books and materials about Down syndrome. For more information, visit the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress.

Early Intervention services

Your team of doctors will help you set up a meeting with the Early Intervention team. They give therapy to your baby during the first few years of life.

To set up a meeting with Early Intervention, call 1-800-905-8437.

See a directory at Family TIES of Massachusetts to find an Early Intervention near your home.

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