The eight family stories presented in these video profiles and essays provide a window into the lives of children with epilepsy and their families. In addition to describing experiences common to most people affected by epilepsy, each story illustrates a particular issue that has been important to that family and that other families affected by epilepsy may encounter.

These families have generously chosen to share their personal stories with the hope that doing so might help other families address similar issues. That is our hope as well. To see a video profile and essay about a particular family, select one of the stories below.

Michael's Story: Epilepsy's Impact on Learning: Working with Schools

"He just shows us every day that he's willing to put up the fight to learn. How could we not be just so proud of that?"
Maureen, Michael's mom

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Caroline's Story: Epilepsy and the Family: Impact on Siblings

"I think epilepsy affects our whole family because we have feelings that most people don't have about seizures and stuff."
Abigail, Caroline's 11-year-old sister

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Henry's Story: Angelman Syndrome and Severe Epilepsy: Treating the Whole Child

"You have to look not just at the seizures, but how the child is learning, interacting, and behaving in their world."
Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD

Maya's Story: Diagnosing Epilepsy: Understanding the EEG

"If the neurologist suggests an EEG, that's the first thing you have to do. The test is very important, and it's a very reliable diagnostic tool."
Jay, Maya's dad

Evan's Story: Seeking Treatment Options: The Ketogenic Diet

"The special diet keeps me healthy, and I don't have seizures anymore."
Evan, 9 years old

Cherinee's Story: Building Self-Esteem and Finding Community

"I wanted to start karate class since Dr. Thiele mentioned it, and now I'm very happy because I'm with friends that have the same problem I do."
Cherinee, 11 years old

Rose's Story: Low Glycemic Index Treatment: A New Dietary Therapy

"Counting carbs is hard, but what's really good about the diet is it really takes care of your seizures."
Rose, 14 years old

Jeanny's Story: Epilepsy's Impact on Learning: Working with Schools

"I feel a little bit nervous, but I really want the surgery. The rest of my life, I might not have seizures anymore. That would be really exciting for me."
Jeanny, 18 years old
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