Before Your Visit

Before you call for an appointment with the Food Allergy Center, please check with your insurance company to see if any pre-authorizations and/or referrals are needed. If you are not registered as a patient at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, please call 1-866-211-6588 to register.

Once registered, please contact our clinic coordinator, Joanne Moody at 1-617-643-6834 to make an appointment at the Food Allergy Center. For evaluation of pediatric patients with suspected allergic gastrointestinal diseases, you may choose to make appointments with an allergist, a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist together in one morning to facilitate a multidisciplinary care plan, or you may choose to see an individual provider who can give advice on incorporating other specialists or work with existing ones. Questions about this decision can be directed to Joanne Moody at 1-617-643-6834, who may also have a center provider contact you if necessary.

Intake Packet

Prior to your appointment, you will receive an intake packet, including the locations of and directions to your appointment, a confirmation letter, a diet diary and an intake form. Please review the materials carefully and fill out the intake form before you come to the center. 

Please send previous medical records to:
Attn: Joanne Moody, 55 Fruit Street,
Boston, MA 02114
Or fax to # 617-724-0239.

Examples of helpful medical records and tests:

  • Reports from past allergy or GI doctors
  • Discharge summaries from any recent hospital admissions or ER visits
  • Results of previous skin or blood tests for allergies
  • Pathologist reports from GI biopsies (we may also request that slides of biopsy samples be reviewed by a pathologist at MassGeneral Hospital for Children)

What to Bring

Please note that the day of your child’s comprehensive evaluation can be long and arduous but our goal is to offer multi-disciplinary coordinated clinic appointments for your family’s convenience. 

Materials to remember to bring on appointment day:

  • List of medications
  • Medication history
  • Labels from foods suspected to be associated with symptoms
  • Entertainment for your child (e.g. books, favorite small toys, etc.)
  • Diapers, wipes, bottles (note: in consideration of other patients with food allergies, please do not bring other food)