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Our team provides patients with virtual visits using video-based programs over a secure Internet connection to the patient’s desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Virtual visits give our patients and families a direct video link with their doctor without having to travel for an appointment. Patients may discuss symptoms and clarify treatment plans from the comfort of their home or another private setting. To arrange a virtual visit, please call 617-643-6834.

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Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge patient-centered research and evidence-based, multidisciplinary practice to provide the best possible care.

Our Services

Patients with known or suspected food allergies are evaluated and treated by a team of providers including allergists, gastroenterologists, nutritionists and psychologists as appropriate. These related specialists are physically present to meet with patients at the Food Allergy Center (FAC), enabling patients and their parents to get their needs met in the most practical, coherent and efficient manner. We primarily focus on the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • IgE-mediated food allergies (e.g., immediate, potentially anaphylactic reactions to milk, egg, peanut, etc.)
  • IgE-associated diseases (e.g., eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders, atopic dermatitis)
  • Other food antigen associated diseases (e.g., food protein induced enterocolitis, celiac disease)

Patient evaluation will involve detailed history and exam, as well as testing procedures such as food challenges and both skin prick and patch skin testing when indicated.

Values and Philosophy

  • Education is the foundation for a reciprocal relationship with the patient and the best possible outcomes
  • The immune system is central to the disease and is the focus of research and treatment
  • Practice is driven by evidence and research is driven by the gaps in that evidence
  • Every patient is a research partner and should be invited to participate in cutting-edge studies while preserving individualized care and ensuring patient privacy
  • The best care is multidisciplinary care and may involve specialists in Allergy, Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Psychology, Dermatology or others
  • The best patient-centered research is multidisciplinary research (clinical; epidemiological; mechanistic; basic; involving a team of investigators from clinical and pre-clinical divisions and involving both pediatric and adult subjects)
  • Commitment to impacting food allergy through oral immunotherapy and other effective treatments, as well as our research to understand the causes, mechanisms and furthermore cures of our patients’ afflictions

Patient Resources

View the full collection of patient resources from the Food Allergy Center at MGfC.

Clinical Trials

Is your child allergic to peanuts?
A clinical research study is currently looking for children ages 12 to 17 who are allergic to peanuts to test an investigational vaccine.

Research Study on Early Peanut Introduction for Infants
To determine the best approach to peanut introduction and the value of skin testing and/or blood testing to peanut before starting peanut-containing foods.

Omalizumab as Monotherapy and as Adjunct Therapy to Multi-Allergen OIT in Food Allergic Children and Adults (OUtMATCH)
Our researchers are trying to determine if a study medication called omalizumab alone or combined with oral immunotherapy may help people with multiple food allergies. Participants must have a peanut allergy and at least two other food allergies to milk, egg, wheat, cashew, hazelnut, or walnut.

A toddler in his mother's lap touches his throat, following the lead of a practitioner who is explaining something to himI cannot put into words how amazing it has been at MGfC and how Nicholas and our family can now live a normal life.

Cara Wardon,
mother of patient Nicholas

Food Allergy Management Resources

Spotting Anaphylaxis in Babies

Spotting Anaphylaxis in Babies

Learn the signs and what to do if your baby develops anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis for the Infant

Anaphylaxis for the Infant

Video about special considerations in recognizing anaphylaxis in infants.

Food Allergy Management Boot Camp

Food Allergy Management Boot Camp

An interactive group session to strengthen caregivers' food allergy management skills.

Managing Food Allergies with Confidence

Managing Food Allergies with Confidence

The secrets to managing food allergies confidently are prevention and preparation.

Resources for Children Who Are Ready to Try Peanuts

The information this section is only for families whose child does not have a diagnosed peanut allergy AND whose providers have determined that it is safe for the child to try peanut products.

Peanut Introduction in Babies

Peanut Introduction in Babies

How to introduce your baby to peanut products.

Introducing Peanuts to Infants

Introducing Peanuts to Infants

Video explaining the guidelines for introducing your child to peanuts.