What inspired you to go into medicine?

I really wanted to help others and I was inspired by my father, who is also a physician. I went into pediatric gastroenterology because I love nutrition. I was fascinated by the ways diet can improve health.

What do you do as a provider at MGfC?

I am the medical director for the Center for Feeding and Nutrition where I see children with feeding difficulties with an amazing team of speech and language pathologists with special training in feeding and swallowing. I also work with occupational therapists, social workers, a dietitian and a psychologist. I also see patients in the Raising Healthy Hearts Program and help children with overweight or obesity reach a healthier body mass index (BMI). In this clinic, I work with a wonderful team as well, which includes a health coach, dietitian, nurse practitioner and more.

What gives you the greatest joy in your profession?

I love making a difference in my patients’ lives and seeing them thrive! I also love teaching medical students, residents and fellows and creating impactful research studies that will hopefully improve patient care.


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