Meet the providers in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at MGfC, including what inspired them to go into medicine and what they love about their jobs.

Jeffrey Biller, MD

For Jeffrey Biller, MD, his many roles at MGfC and its satellite clinics allows his to fulfill what he calls the best part of his job - creating long-lasting relationships with his patients and their families. Read more.

Alessio Fasano, MD

A smile is contagious, especially when it comes from a child who feels better after being sick for a long time. Watching that smile spread from a child to their family is the best part of Alessio Fasano's job, knowing that the care he provides is rooted in compassion and driven by groundbreaking research. Read more.

Lauren Fiechtner, MD, MPH

Lauren Fiechtner has always been fascinated at how diet can affect a person's health. In her role as director of the Pediatric Nutrition Center, she takes a team-based approach to patient care and helps children with feeding, swallowing and nutrition challenges. Read more.

Kriston Ganguli, MD

Kriston Ganguli, MD, wears many hats as a pediatric gastroenterologist, including provider, fellowship director, mentor and researcher. She finds joy and purpose in knowing that each of her roles contributes to improving the health of children of all ages. Read more.

Stephen Hardy, MD

When Stephen Hardy, MD, watched his mother and sister struggle with gastrointestinal symptoms that eventually needed surgery, it inspired him to become a pediatric gastroenterologist and care for children who faced the same challenges. Read more.

Esther Israel, MD

Throughout her years at Mass General for Children, Esther Israel, MD, has had the opportunity to work in a variety of positions, almost seamlessly moving from fellow in training to attending physician, from working in a lab to an administrator. Read more.

Sarah Kadzielski, MD

For Sarah Kadzielski, MD, one of the most rewarding moments in her role at the Lurie Center for Autism is "graduating" a patient onto the next stage of care, especially if their gastroenterological condition has resolved. Read more.

Jess Kaplan, MD

For Jess Kaplan, MD, the best part of his job is seeing patients with chronic illnesses overcome obstacles and grow and mature into teens and young adults who give back to their communities. Read more.

Victoria Martin, MD

Victoria Martin, MD, comes from a family of physicians that started when her grandfather immigrated to the United States and put himself through college and medical school. Martin couldn't imagine a better job than working hard to heal families and help sick people feel better. Read more.

Christopher Moran, MD

When a patient comes into Christopher Moran's office, the best part is when they share a great conversation full of deep questions about their condition or care. Read more.

Gary Russell, MD

When Gary Russell, MD, fell ill at age 12, a local physician made a house call and cared for him with exceptional compassion and genuine empathy. As a provider, Russell aims to emulate those qualities in the care he delivers to his patients and families every day. Read more.

Mark Salvatore, MD

A deep desire to help those who physically or emotionally suffer drives Mark Salvatore, MD, in his work as a pediatric gastroenterologist at MGfC and the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment. Read more.

Qian Yuan, MD, PhD

A strong desire to serve all patients and families, regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, race or background is the catalyst behind the exceptional care that Qian Yuan, MD, PhD, gives every day. Read more.

Claire Zar-Kessler, MD

Claire Zar-Kessler, MD, is fascinated by science and loves interacting with children and their families. When she decided to pursue a career in medicine, the field of pediatrics was the perfect fit. Read more.