Pediatric Imaging Radiologist

Pediatric radiologists are highly specialized doctors who read imaging scans to diagnosis and recommend treatment of childhood illnesses and injuries.They assess a young patient's medical history, review test results, and answer questions that patients and their families may have.

Child Life Specialist

Child life specialists work with children and their families to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization and illness. In the Division of Pediatric Imaging, our child life specialist answers families’ questions, helps children prepare for their appointment and makes sure they are comfortable during their exams.

Patient Coordinators

Our patient coordinators are often the first people that children and their families meet when they arrive in our waiting room. They answer the phone, prepare paperwork, register patients, schedule appointments and respond to families’ questions and concerns.

  • Rochelle Robinson
  • Trina Russell
  • Bethlehem Whitlow

Pediatric Imaging Nurses

Pediatric imaging nurses coordinate all aspects of a child's care for a test or procedure, including working with the doctors, technologists and child life specialist to ensure that your child has a positive experience as well as providing direct care from the time a family arrives until the time a child is discharged.

  • Deborah Gorham, RN
  • Shannon Kennedy, RN
  • Robert Larocque, RN
  • Erin McIntyre, RN
  • Karen Parsons, RN
  • Kathy Stuart, RN

Pediatric Imaging Technologists

Pediatric imaging technologists are specially trained to perform scans on children. They operate the imaging equipment, position children correctly to achieve high-quality images and stay in communication with them throughout their exam.

  • Terry Donahue, RT(R)(MR)
  • Christine Foster, RT(R)(MR)
  • Lindsay Guidoboni, BS RT(R)(MR)
  • Rosanne McDonald, RT(R)(MR)