On October 17, 2020, Storybook Ball celebrated its 21st year of supporting pediatric care at Mass General for Children (MGfC). The videos presented during the virtual event highlighted the stories of resilience, research, and compassionate care that has taken place at MGfC during the COVID-19 surge.

The Zaldana Family

When parents Hugo and Saira were stricken with the COVID-19 virus and admitted to Mass General for care, there was no one available to care for their two children, who were also exhibiting symptoms. Mass General for Children stepped in to provide hospital rooms to ensure that the children were safe, healthy and happy—allowing Mom and Dad to focus on their recovery.

Pediatric COVID-19 Research

Lael Yonker, MD, is a leading Cystic Fibrosis clinician and researcher. But when the COVID-19 surge hit Boston, she quickly transitioned her lab to study the impact of the virus on children. To date, Dr. Yonker and her team have assembled the largest pediatric COVID-19 biorepository in the country, and their research is leading the way in understanding the role children may play in spreading the virus.

Going Above and Beyond for Patients

From delivering flowers to patients on Mother’s Day to holding patients’ hands as they passed, the Mass General for Children team came together to bring their compassionate, family-centered care to every patient's bedside during the COVID-19 surge in Boston.