Foods to Increase Calories

  • Powdered milk. Add to soups, sauces or baked dishes.
  • Milk, cream or half-and-half. Use in place of water in hot cereal, soup or mashed potatoes. Add to cream sauces with pasta or vegetables.
  • Eggs or meat. Add to salads, vegetables, baked dishes or sandwiches.
  • Cheese or whole milk yogurt. Melt on baked dishes or mix into omelets and sauces. Put yogurt on cereal, waffles or mix with fruit.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Add fruit to yogurt or snacks. Serve vegetables with dip.
  • Nut butter, beans or nuts (if your baby is not allergic). Add nuts or beans to soup or salad. Spread nut butter on crackers, sandwiches, fruit or vegetables.
  • High-calorie toppings. This includes sour cream, butter, cream cheese, gravy or cream soups. Add to potatoes, hot cereals, rice, pasta or cooked vegetables.

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Rev. 6/2018. Mass General for Children and Massachusetts General Hospital do not endorse any of the brands listed on this handout. This handout is intended to provide health information so that you can be better informed. It is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be used to treatment of any medical conditions.