What is the treatment for an omphalocele?

Your baby will need surgery to put the organs back in his body and close the hole in his belly. The type of surgery depends on the size of the omphalocele, your baby’s breathing and how much of the liver is inside the omphalocele sac. The surgeon will help decide which type is right for your baby.

There 3 types of surgery are:

  • Primary closure. The surgeon puts the organs back in the body and closes the hole. This is done if the omphalocele is small.
  • Staged repair. This surgery is done if the omphalocele is large and the liver or other organs are inside the sac. The surgeon covers the omphalocele in a protective covering called a silo. Over time, the surgeon tightens the silo so the organs go back in. When the organs are back in, the surgeon closes the hole.
  • Delayed procedure. This surgery is done if your baby is small and omphalocele is too large to fit in the body. The surgeon will wait for your baby to grow before surgery. The surgeon will cover the omphalocele in a cream medication called silver sulfadiazine. This helps skin to grow over the omphalocele sac. When your baby grows, the surgeon will talk with you about closing the hole.
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