Program Overview

Located within a world-renowned academic medical center, the Division of Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art surgical services to diagnose and treat the full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery problems of the pediatric patient, including:

  • Skin or congenital soft tissue lesions
  • Breast conditions (large breast, asymmetry, gynecomastia)
  • Scars
  • Trauma (facial, hand/wrist, soft tissue)
  • Congenital nevi (giant)
  • Prominent ears, ear asymmetry
  • Nasal asymmetry (rhinoplasty)
  • Cleft/lip palate
  • Burn and trauma reconstruction
  • Tumor management
  • Vascular malformation

All of our staff members are pediatric specialists with clinical expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our team develops a coordinated custom plastic surgery plan for treatment and follow up, which is shared with the family and referring pediatrician.